Your real estate agent will support you in preparing for a home inspection. Here are some steps that we go through with our clients to prepare your property with a pre-listing inspection.

”A pre-listing inspection helps take the guesswork out of the home buying process for many buyers by boosting confidence in the property. A buyer is likely to discover issues within the home, so being forthcoming may mean one less condition on the offer as well as providing a higher level of confidence and transparency for the home sale.”

” Simple Fixes prepare for an inspection :
– Cutting back shrubs, bushes and other plants that are close to the home
– Replacing or refreshing worn caulking around windows/doors and in kitchens/bathrooms
– Making sure gutters are free and clear of debris
– Replacing lightbulbs or fixtures that don’t work well
– Testing all doors and windows to ensure they open/close/lock easily ”

To read the full article published on the Real Estate Magazine website follow the link HERE

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