Marc Leroux Portrait

Marc Leroux is characterized by his outstanding ability to lead his clients and colleagues alike with an open mind and his core mission to put the client first. Whether it’s a new home or a thriving investment, every client’s dream is a new challenge for Marc and he devotes his full attention to helping those dreams take flight.

Having studied Political Science at Concordia University and graduated from the Academy of Design with a certificate in Digital Multimedia, Marc excels in the art of communication and aesthetics when it comes to helping you achieve the good life. He communicates with ease and is passionate about helping your listing or search reach the height of its potential.

Marc is a husband and a father who is active in his community about making the world a better place for his wife and daughters. He champions diversity among his team, in his network, and goes above and beyond to mentor those around him. He’s committed to doing things differently, to boldly go where no one else has gone, and has the confidence to do it with class.

Elizabeth doucett Portrait

Elizabeth Doucette is a connector by nature, born to find solutions and make things easier for those around her. In every stage of her career, she has become a trusted resource and mentor to help those on her team thrive.

With over 20 years of experience as a leader in the banking industry, Elizabeth excels in managing long-term customer relationships and strong team dynamics. Her attention to detail sets the standard for our whole team and gives our clients the peace of mind that we have their back.

Elizabeth is a wife and a mother who prioritizes her family and helps all of us do the same. Her motherbird mentality helps us stay on top of our game to do our very best for clients. When you work with Cardinal Realty Group, you can count on Elizabeth’s next-level consistency and kindness to make your experience with us nothing short of wonderful.

Marc Leroux Portrait

Ezekiel Gouin is a creature of optimism and healthy habits. As a professional powerlifter and real estate broker, he is motivated to help people reach their personal goals. When it comes to helping homebuyers make one of the most important decisions of their lives, Ezekiel benchmarks his success on exceeding expectations.

Having dabbled in finance and psychology studies, real estate has always been Ezekiel’s mainstay passion. He grew up around mentors in the industry who were able to show him the ropes and help him find his own footing. He loves sales and thrives when the personal and professional stakes are high because the challenge to do what is right for the client motivates him.

Born to be a leader, Ezekiel will take you under his wing and show you the way to achieve what you want. He wants the same results that his clients want, and knows how to go about achieving them. Along the way, his professionalism always precedes him so that you can relax and follow his lead.

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